Postgraduate Lecture Course on Research Methods and Writing Journal Papers系列课程讲座
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【预告】Postgraduate Lecture Course on Research Methods and Writing Journal Papers系列课程讲座


主讲人:Chuck Wah Francis Yu




Chuck Wah Francis Yu教授(英国)于2018年起正式聘任为我校海外名师(教育部直属高校外国文教专家年度聘请计划),聘期5年。现任SCI期刊《Indoor and Built Environment》主编、International Society of the Built Environment执行董事兼主席,国内多所知名高校的名誉教授及客座教授。主要从事建筑材料污染物排放,室内空气质量,绿色建筑的环境评估,隔热材料,环境化学,环境质量评估,地表水管理和可持续的城市排水系统等相关研究,自1992年以来发表论文130余篇。



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课程描述Course Description

Research is a way of acquiring knowledge for sharing by dissemination and to serve the society with the gained wisdom, so that this new knowledge can be used and applied in other developments, technologies and academic learning. ( Research is to establish traceable truth and to discover new ways of improving existing (or brand new) knowledge, or technology or materials or medicines or medical treatments, etc. This would involve a study of the purpose, the background literature of previous relevant research, developing new hypothesis, new modelling method, new experimental technique or follow an existing experimental technique or established standard to investigate something of interest and original, to provide proofs for new theorems and to support new theories, to reaffirm previous findings. A research project may also be an expansion on past work in the field, to further develop knowledge on a subject or technology, to test the validity of a proposed mathematical model, instrument, experimental procedures.

The primary purposes in the publication of basis research are documentation of research ideals, new discovery, interpretation, or the research and development of new methodologies, programs and systems for the advancement of human knowledge. Applied research is the practical application of science based on accumulated theories, knowledge, methods and techniques; for a specific, state-of-art, government policy-, issues demand or standards-driven purposes. Applied research deals with solving practical problems and generally employs empirical methodologies.

Writing a journal paper is crucial for research outputs and dissemination of findings, and to enhance the reputation of the researcher and the affiliated institution such as the China University of Petroleum. The purpose of this curriculum course is to provide students with an understanding of the basis principles of writing and preparing journal papers, to provide a useful guide and tutoring of students for their preparation of papers and to provide workshop critique on their papers.

Outcomes and Objectives

An understanding of research principles

Understanding the purpose of research

Principle of dissemination of research findings

Identifying the relevant journal

Understanding the impact value of a journal paper

Develop the skill for searching literature for research study

Searching for relevant past research methods and analytical methodologies

Developing the reference list for citations

Write a journal paper




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